Jon Patrick to present at NAACCR 2019 – Vancouver

Does the idea of fast, highly accurate and automatic coding interest you?  What about coding to NAACCR/SEER 2018 standards?

I will be speaking at the NAACCR 2019 in Vancouver, on Tuesday 11th at 10:30 am in the Fairview IV-V rooms.  The topic, unsurprisingly, will be “Automatic Coding to the 2018 NAACCR Requirements”. See

We look forward to meeting all those attending and discussing the real-world benefits for cancer registries of a statistically based Clinical Natural Language Processing system.  If you can’t make my talk, come to our booth for a chat.  We would love to meet you.

As an adjunct to the conference, we have prepared a Demo web page. This showcases our automatic Case Finding/Reportability and Coding systems. The Coding is to the 2018 NAACCR/SEER Requirements (it also does pre-2018 coding as well if that is required). 

Since the NACR 2019  demo we have added more functionality to the demonstration site.  Specifically, there are now the following clinical extraction groups; Synoptic Report, Grade, Components, Biomarkers & Genetics, Stage, Lymph Node, TILS, Invasions and Margins.

Open the page at: 

Then select the tab for Community Registration and enter your email address followed by the password NAACCR2019. 

The information pages on the demo site give you a short background on the data we have selected for the demonstration and the technology behind the engine. 

If you will not be attending the NCRA Conference, please feel free to explore the demo system. It shows the advantages of a statistically based CNLP system over older systems using rules engines, or even more primitive systems using string searches or text mining.

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