Health Language Analytics – Global

Leaders in Clinical Natural Language Processing

Who we are

Health Language Analytics – Global (HLA-Global) specializes in innovative processing of free-text clinical reports and was founded to provide

  • Consulting with a focus on cancer-related Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) using machine learning
  • Development of oncology-related text processing solutions to healthcare organizations from local to federal scope across all layers of health care services

We merge our expertise in Clinical Natural Language Processing, Clinical Data Analytics and Agile Software Engineering methods to produce scalable solutions to solve the needs of healthcare organizations and agencies.

What we do

Valuable cancer data are often expressed as free text reports that cannot easily be exploited by standard analysis methods.

HLA-Global specializes in processing oncological clinical documents, such as pathology reports, to enable the extraction of the relevant aspects of the cancer data.

We build tailored solutions to create optimal outcomes in this problem space.

How we help

Health data extracted by our techniques is fed to our high-accuracy computer-assisted document screening and coding service to aid the following use cases.


Feedback to cancer registry databases.


Enhancing the efficiency of Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) workflows.


Identifying cohorts for clinical trials.


Streamlining epidemiological studies of cancer within populations.


Informing and supporting government policy making.

Our Partners

ERS logo

ERS provides distinctive cancer registry solutions. Their flagship product, CRStar, is an industry-leading cloud-based offering with innovative case-finding, abstracting and informatics capabilities. Through this partnership, ERS clients can utilize HLA-Global’s award-winning clinical NLP technology to assist CTRs with the effort-intensive case finding process through a seamless integration with CRStar.

Ask how we can help you

Phone: +1 916 354 5545
Mail: PO Box 1840 Helena, MT 59624