HORIZON the advanced health analytics platform by HLA on USA roadshow

Press Release: Australia’s leading health analytics platform HORIZON by HLA is part of a Silicon Valley business and investor roadshow showcasing the best of Australian medical technology.

The Australian Government backed mission led by Minister for Trade and Investment Steven Ciobo will also meet medtech decision-makers in Huston and Boston.

HORIZON – which directly competes with IBM’s Watson – is the advanced “dark text” mining platform being adopted by hospitals, cancer registries and health care companies to improve patient outcome and management.

HORIZON the machine-learning platform, deciphers the 80% of health “dark text” or unstructured text that existing big data analytics can’t read and analyse.

Headed by CEO Professor Jon Patrick HLA (Health Language Analytics) delivers advanced language processing for health texts including information extraction and text analytics

HLA delivers customised language processing services for some of Australia’s largest hospitals and cancer registries with 97% accuracy and at one-tenth the cost of existing methods.

HLA’s expertise includes:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) of clinical texts
  • Clinical Data Analytics
  • Language Engineering Infrastructure

“Big Data has actually only focused on 20% of the medical record. Our work quadruples the effectiveness of Big Data overnight and enable a vastly greater range of research projects along with massively increased scale,” said Prof. Patrick.



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