Press release: HLA announces USA expansion at AMIA 2015 Annual Symposium and appoints Dr DeLeys Brandman

Health Language Analytics (HLA) has appointed California-based Dr DeLeys Brandman who brings deep healthcare and analytics experience with payers, providers, and life science companies as a medical director, and a senior healthcare consultant with leaders such as Accenture and Accountable Care Solutions (ACS).

Dr. Brandman will drive the expansion of healthcare clinical data discovery platform HORIZON into the USA markets.

The announcement was made at the AMIA 2015 Annual Symposium in San Francisco on Monday.

HLA’s HORIZON is well positioned for a huge slice of the USD 2.67 Billion healthcare and life sciences demand for data reading and analysis. HORIZON was developed by an award-winning technology and linguistics team in Sydney Australia.

HORIZON transforms patient care and outcomes, as well as medical research and healthcare cost management.

Currently 80% of this valuable clinical data is called “dark text” because it is unreadable by Big Data and has to be managed manually.

HORIZON is the leading NLP consulting and SaaS service using machine learning technology which beats the world’s best in accuracy, time and cost according to published data.

It currently delivers language processing services for some of Australia’s largest hospitals and cancer registries with up to 98% accuracy, at 10% of the cost and in 1% of the time of existing methods.

HLA is opening its USA office this month to service the huge demand for its technology from major cancer registries and health authorities.

“The NLP market for healthcare and life sciences industry is projected to grow to USD 2.67 Billion from USD 1.10 Billion in 2015,” according to a recent analyst report by Research and Markets. []

“As healthcare organizations are looking for human-to-machine translation solutions to provide better access to important clinical data, the demand for NLP solutions are increasing at a high rate.”

“The NLP market has been forecasted to have numerous opportunities for growth, such as the growing need for personalized medicine, need to raise disease awareness, and investment in the healthcare industry. “

Prof. Patrick who has more than 100 published papers said:

“The volume of content in the medical record is 80% text and so far no-one has been able to mine it for useful purposes. Big Data has actually only focused on 20% of the medical record. Our work in Big Text will enable the effectiveness of Big Data to be supercharged overnight to 100% and enable a vastly greater range of research projects along with massively increased scale.”

“Recent trends are to look for data-driven solutions rather than software products. HLA is poised to supply its Software as a Service technology to offer massive scale data extraction from clinical records with customised services tuned to customer needs.

HLA’s embedded self-learning methods using statistical learning algorithms will discover new knowledge about the client texts and then reuse that knowledge immediately in further processing. This will create an environment of ever increasing knowledge discovery and improving accuracy.”


HLA, founded in 2012 in Sydney by Professor Jon Patrick who was Chair of Language Technology at University of Sydney, is leading the race to mine unstructured text in the health sector where it’s estimated 80% of text cannot currently be read or analysed accurately.

The HLA technology directly impacts patient health, treatment discovery and company and institution finances, delivering results at one-tenth the cost of existing methods.

Prof. Patrick, a Eureka Science Prize Winner 2005 who has more than 100 publications and 7 patents pending, has built a technology team in Sydney that delivers text-mining services for some of Australia’s largest hospitals and cancer registries with up to 98% accuracy. 

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