Language Engineering: Knowledge Discovery – Knowledge Reuse

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Knowledge Discovery - Knowledge ReuseClinical language processing requires a deep understanding of language technologies including language engineering, computational linguistics and conventional linguistics.

HLA has staff with expertise in all these disciplines. It is from this background that it has been able to build the most proficient language technology in the world.

HLA has the philosophy that the most accurate language processing arises from a wellspring of knowledge about the contexts of the material under analysis. Importantly, the technologists’ methods must recognise that that knowledge is ever growing and so must be captured into the ongoing processes.

This has lead HLA to develop the paradigm of Knowledge Discovery – Knowledge Reuse in a continuous process of integrating knowledge from the moment it is acquired into all subsequent processing.

A simple example is the case of spelling corrections: the moment they are acquired, they are integrated into the spelling corrector to not only represent the actual error, but other likely errors that could occur due to the first error. This is second-order learning and is a valuable consequence of immediately acquired knowledge.