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CLP is a young industry with only a few companies offering commercial grade services in the world. TumourTExtract of itself represents significant growth of products in the marketplace.

Clinicians value TumourTExtract because it is the only commercial software targeted at identifying and extracting from prose documents, all the types of critical information on the progression of cancer. The primary motivators for the interest across all health organisations in automation and high accuracy extraction are: (1), the significant value that they add to improving patient care, and (2), for the improved and very large scale content analysis across tens of thousands of patient records that becomes accessible, thus providing new understanding of population health and the treatment of disease.

TumourTExtract Sites in Australia

TumourTExtract Sites in Australia

HLA’s TumourTExtract tool is useful for all radiology report users, thus representing its immediate growth path. This includes the physicians who order the reports, the different authorities that interpret the reports and the radiology practices seeking to improve their own professional practice. In Australia, in 2011-2012 there were 20 million radiology examinations worth $2.3billion. Putting processing systems across all these reports represents a significantly greater growth path, particularly if exported to all English speaking markets with a total market size at least 10 times larger.

The value to the Government and the public in both the present and the future is immeasurable. Registries have previously been unable to collect any information about the progression of cancer disease throughout the population. TumourTExtract will enable the compilation of the statistics about the Recurrence of cancer for primaries, metastatic and nodal disease for the complete population in near real-time. These statistics will be invaluable for the public to be able to understand the progression of their disease and plan their lives according to the updated medical knowledge the results produce. Furthermore these figures will have a major influence on the planning of services for cancer patients, as the geographical distribution of disease recurrence is better understood. Subsequently these results will feed into the planning of cancer research to study cancer progression, and recruitment to clinical trials will be more effective knowing all the patients in the State who could be asked to participate, and the more targeted collection of applied treatments.

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