HotKey Coder

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Clinical Text Abstracting and Coding

HotKey Coder is a text analytics engine with an intimate knowledge of clinical terminology. It provides a concept-based abstraction of clinical records that can ignore the idiosyncrasies of clinicians’ writing styles and language usage to accurately code your records. The power of HotKey Coder can be increased by training it on local content to understand the writing vagaries of local authors.

HotKey Coder runs on a Microsoft Windows PC and does not require any server-based components, making it a very easy and low impact installation. A simple press of an assigned hotkey enables coding of clinical text in any window on the screen, making HotKey Coder application agnostic.

HotKey Coder makes abstracting and coding faster, more efficient and more accurate, hence increasing the productivity of staff and reducing the cost of training.

HotKey Coder

  • Can provide your organisation with a beachhead in natural language processing to springboard onto more elaborate solutions
  • Uses combinations of multiple search algorithms and natural language processing techniques to maximise the coverage and reliability of results
  • Coordinates with any of HLA’s NLP engines for Search, Classification, Despatching and Extraction to multiply the value of locally developed expertise


Technical Features: Full natural language engine, resolving word morphology, sentence parsing, misspellings, acronym and abbreviation resolution.

Concept Processing: Identifying text equivalent to ICD, O3, LOINC, RADLEX and SNOMED CT codes and HLA’s own extensive corporate dictionary.

Identifications: Disease, disorders, procedures, with special attention to cancer details for primaries, metastases and nodes.

Universal User Interface: HotKey Coder can be used within any third party software. We have validated methods for collecting data from any clinical application.

Workflow Ease: HotKey Coder sits beside your current workflow and enhances it. With the touch of a button, staff have access to automatic coding of any window open on the desktop. Whole documents or only parts of documents can be coded in a single keystroke. Documents passing through an HL7 feed can be monitored for case identification.

Acquisition of New Knowledge: HotKey Coder can be linked to a Lexicon Management System to capture content that is not identified initially to preserve that content in the knowledge repository, so learning as it is used. Desktop processing can be provided as a remote service to any application.