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CliniSearch is breakthrough software developed by HLA for discovering and extracting meaningful patterns (analytics) in patient data within unstructured clinical reports.

It provides fast search speed and precision extraction, uses combinations of multiple search algorithms and language processing techniques to maximise the coverage and reliability of results, coordinates with any search engine to multiply the value of locally developed expertise, and can retrieve reports in tandem with structured retrieval queries to collect variable data types into the one location.


Technical Features: Full natural language engine resolving word morphology, sentence parsing, spelling correction, acronym and abbreviation resolution.

Concept Processing: Identifying any text equivalent to ICD, LOINC, O3 and SNOMED CT codes and our own extensive corporate dictionary.

Extractions: Disease, disorders, procedures, with special attention to cancer details for primaries, metastases and nodes.

Document Analytics: Classification of documents from their contents such as for tumour stream of report purpose.

External Reuse of Extractions & Inferences: One touch buttons to export extracted content to CSV files for delivery to researchers or search collections.

User Interface: Expertly designed user interfaces to optimise screen real estate, minimise movement across the screen, large format displays to view volumes of data at a time, tabular representation of positive and negative findings.

Workflow Ease: Search history, batch processing and results export so as to assemble a workflow and operate it entirely automatically thus supporting periodic reporting.

Acquisition of New Knowledge: A mechanism to capture content that is not processed initially can be used to lodge that content into the knowledge repository so it is never missed again.

Case Dispatcher: Automatic dispatch of files to registered users when a record of interest is created in the system