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Clinical NLP as a Software Service

HLA are able to deliver any of its core functions as a service in an external cloud (e.g. AWS HIPAA) or from a local cloud that can sit inside a client’s firewall. The CliniSaaS solution is accessed by sending a document, or a number of documents, to the cloud requesting the particular service required. The result is then communicated back to the sending organisation.

Available Services

  • Content Extraction
  • Content Coding
  • Document Classification

Future Services

  • Document consistency validation
  • Document completion validation
  • Content inferencing


CliniSaaS has the advantage that the current workflow does not need to be interrupted and the service can be introduced as an adjunct to current practices. Only a small piece of code is needed to invoke the service to send the report to the service and receive the response. This codelet can be inserted at any point in a client’s own organisational workflow with little, or no, disruption to the existing environment. The client has the advantage of routing the returned answer into any process of their choosing.