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Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) is the computerised process of examining multi-source medical documents and extracting specific text content about specific medical states, conditions and processes. CNLP provides health professionals and administrators with a means of rapidly scanning for key information in the large number of documents, such as pathology and radiology reports, and clinical notes, needed to optimise patient care, undertaking research and manage health organisations.

How is it new or innovative?

HLAs’s CNLP software, designed for the health professional, significantly adds to the capability of current word-based analysis and classification systems, and includes ‘meaning’ into the tasks of retrieval, questioning, analysis, extraction, and classification of key identifiers within clinical documents. Other technologies use only words strung together (word strings). HLA’s technology uses semantics and context (i.e. the meaning of a word, phrase, sentence or text), to identify within medical documents, the specifically targeted medical condition and its meaning. HLA’s technology is based on significant needs analysis and workflow research over the past five years, working with health professionals within clinical environments. HLA’s semantic engine technology has been created in response to this market intelligence in a highly focused, technology applied environment over the past 3 years. As a result, HLA’s product suite is novel intellectual property (IP) and is unlike any other clinical natural language processing product.