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Sydney Adventist Hospital

Enterprise Portal Search Engine


Provide ready access to all authorised hospital and external health care suppliers patient content that is distributed across multiple Information Systems in the hospital in order to increase patient care, reduce risk and streamline information access thereby reducing costs and delays.


Build a data warehouse and install a specialty concept search engine for rapidly finding records by their content. Authorised staff can perform health text search by wide spectrum of options, including using medical concepts, literal strings, across selected sections of reports using and interpreting wide range of English language constructions. Where words or concepts are searched which may not be understood by the search engine, the system will can be tuned to learn the unrecognised concepts.

  • Faster collation of patient records from different sources
  • Faster delivery of records containing common content for research and auditing purposes
  • Reduction in search and extraction resource utilisation
  • Elimination of delays and bottlenecks
  • Provision of leading edge technology to visiting medical staff

Health organisations which:

  • Are required to perform heavy search and extraction work with text files and report
  • Require a high degree of accuracy of information contained in text files and reports
  • Will benefit from easy and rapid access to ALL text files and reports whichever system they may reside in