Health Insurance Coaching Schemes

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Health Insurance Coaching Schemes

Converting verbally recorded conversations into structured records to apply Data Analytics and Quality Assurance


Health insurance companies offer health coaching services to their clients who are most likely to have a hospital attendance, most commonly, the chronically ill. Analysing communications between patients and clinical staff provides wealth of information on ways to improve quality of service.


The coaches record all their conversations with clients. These voice recordings are converted into digital text via voice recognition and analysed by developing a classification system for key words and concepts to identify such features as: the language of the coach, the themes used by the coach, and the response of clients.

Data analytics is performed to identify the most and least effective coaches and the least and most resistant clients.


Information on where additional training to clinical staff will produce improved quality of coaching provided to clients and resultant treatment outcomes.

Ability to match most suitable clinical staff to each patient case, producing more efficient treatment.


Where medical professional advice and coaching is provided verbally to patients or staff and analysis of where and how quality of advice can be improved adds efficiencies and reduces risk.