Completeness Validation

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Complete Validation

Patient Safety


Lengthy reports due to time restraints and complexity are often not completed totally by clinicians, which creates potential exposure to incorrect or incomplete treatment.

It is important to validate completeness and that it is consistent across the expression and re-expression of analysis of the patient results.


The text analytics application defines the content that is required to be compulsory for the cause and the language processing task is to identify where the content is missing or the contents is not in line with expected text.


Report completeness ensures that:
Recipients do not have to make call backs to the author.
Patient care will be more readily facilitated.
The author is saved the effort of responding to call-backs.
Automatic extraction processes will provide more reliable outputs improving their utilitarian value to downstream processors.


All clinical reports and files which:

  • Creating additional work due to incomplete or incorrect information
  • May impair quality of patient care provided
  • Impacts billing and revenues