Associates and Partners

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HLA and its partners provide customers with innovative and comprehensive solutions. We work closely with our partners to meet customer requirements by leveraging partner expertise, while helping our partners expand their business through the use of HLA’s advanced technologies. HLA’s partners provide innovative technologies and healthcare consulting expertise to add value and successfully solve customer problems.

Consulting Partners

Our Consulting Partners provide experienced and skilled personnel for the implementation and management of HLA solutions. The HLA Consulting Partner Program helps our partners:

  • Increase sales and expand markets
  • Reduction in deployment project timelines
  • Reduction in deployment costs
  • Real-time regression testing capabilities providing continuous quality and safety assurance
  • Significant reduction in risks associated with such large-scale engagements
  • Maximise project margin
  • Assure deployed Service Level Agreements
  • Maximise client value

Technology Overview

With the growing complexity of products, robust and cost-efficient production and implementation becomes more challenging. HLA Partner Program helps vendors better manage these challenges on many levels:

  • Dramatic reduction in testing overhead/cost through product development cycle
  • Ability to deliver products according to quality and patient safety standards
  • Manage quality and SLA relationships with clients
  • Increased levels of user experience and satisfaction
  • Significant competitive differentiator
  • HLA’s solutions utilises reliable healthcare experience to dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of critical information systems.

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Partnership Opportunities

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